Visual Art

The Ceramics class is designed for the beginning to advanced student. The beginning students are given instruction and demonstrations with the slab roller, pottery wheel, hand built forms, and how to glaze finish work. The class also covers the vocabulary and technical information about clay, glaze and the firing process. The advanced students are focused toward working with forms that are expected to evolve in an individual direction that the student can relate to and talk about. The work can be wide open to explore sculpture, slab work or work done on the wheel. All students are expected to participate in critiques to discuss the work done on all levels of each student’s work in progress.

The Painting and Drawing class emphasizes the visual communication of ideas and personal research. Varied media, live models, and a growing reference library support students at all levels of expertise. The Silkscreen room is accessible 24 hours per day. Rarely used between the hours of 6 to 10 am, it is used extensively for ditch day stacks and other student activities. A class is offered to teach students basic techniques and provide advice for ongoing projects.

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