Performance Venues at Caltech

Student performances are held in the 1155 seat Beckman auditorium, the smaller Ramo Auditorium and the more intimate Dabney Lounge.

The Music House (Building 70) includes a large rehearsal room with two grand pianos, two smaller chamber music rehearsal rooms, and five practice rooms. Set building and costume production are done at the TACIT house. Set components are built at the TACIT scene shop and assembled in situ. Visual Arts classes are held in the Art Chateau (Building 67 annex) and nearby Polytechnic School. Dabney Library contains extensive resource material on all of the Arts.

Public Events

The Caltech Office of Public Events presents a variety of concerts on campus to which students receive free or reduced price tickets. Featured offerings include the Coleman Chamber Music Series, as well as the free Sunday afternoon Paco A. Lagerstrom Chamber Music Series in Dabney Lounge.


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